Family Law in Denver CO

The Denver Family Lawyers are Denver’s premiere family law trial lawyers.  Our award-winning trial attorneys specialize in contested divorce, child custody, relocation and other family law cases.

Since 1997, we have successfully resolved many hundreds of challenging divorce and child custody disputes in Denver and throughout Colorado.

Our practice is distinguished by one-on-one attention to you, our client.   Every day we are reminded just how emotionally difficult divorce and child custody can be.   That is why we customize our legal strategies around you and around the unique facts of your case.

Our proactive and trial-tested methods are designed to protect and advance your legal rights and your financial interests in a cost-effective way.   We have the experience you need to defend and advance your legal rights as a parent and to resolve all of the financial disputes that may affect you and your children for many years to come.

The majority of our practice is devoted to “contested” cases, which can only be settled in court.   Yet, our firm’s litigation orientation often helps settle many difficult cases without a trial.   Regardless, you will always remain in charge.  You will determine how your case is resolved.

Don’t let divorce and child custody disputes take control of your life.  Get practical answers to questions about your legal rights and options.

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