Factors for Determining Child Custody

When the court is asked to establish a child custody arrangement, the

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court will take several important factors into consideration before making its ruling. First and foremost, the court’s main priority is protecting the child’s best interest. Any decision the judge makes will be based on what is best for the child. Other factors the court will consider include:

Involved in a Divorce or Child Custody Dispute?

Whether you are planning to file for divorce and are concerned about how child custody will be resolved, or you are currently involved in a custody dispute and want to ensure your legal rights are protected, the attorneys at the Rocky Mountain Family Lawyers can help. A Denver divorce attorney at our office can help you identify what it is you hope to achieve, and then aggressively advocate your parental and legal rights during the custody hearings. Our goal is to help you secure a child custody arrangement–either from the court or in an agreement you’ve made with your ex–that meets your satisfaction and best serves the needs of you and your children.

To arrange a consultation to discuss your case, please contact the Rocky Mountain Family Lawyers today at (303) 330-0425!

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