Father’s Rights

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Fathers’ Rights and Children:

Fathers have a fundamental Constitutional right to parent their children.  While Fathers technically have the same legal rights as mothers I known first hand—from having represented hundreds of fathers in family law cases throughout Colorado—that fathers often need aggressive representation to protect, enforce or restore their parenting rights.

Father’s parenting rights include the right to spend time with their children (parenting time) and the right to be involved in major decisions affecting the child like medical treatment, choice of school, extra-curricular activities and religious upbringing (decision-making authority).   Fathers need to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with their children.   Numerous studies show that a child whose father remains active and involved in his or her life grows up happier, healthier, is more socially adept and gets better grades.   The same child will also be more successful as an adult.

Maintenance, Child Support, and Other Financial Issues

Fathers have important interests in financial issues such as child support, maintenance, and division of property.   A father’s finances and his parenting rights are often inter-related.   In the vast majority of divorce and child custody cases in Colorado, Fathers are the parties paying child or spousal support.   An unfair maintenance or child support orders, the loss of a job, or other economic setback may make it difficult or impossible for a father to keep up with court-ordered child support and maintenance payments.    Don’t let this situation be a reason to give up your duties and rights as a father.

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