Success Stories from Actual Cases


The following stories are from actual Colorado family law cases involving clients represented by the Denver Family Lawyers (“RMFL”).


  • RMFL obtained order to relocate infants to Canada in highly-contested divorce case.  Both children had been born in Colorado and opposing party, who was a fit parent, lived in Colorado and sought to keep them in the state.
  • Obtained order denying opposing party’s request to permanently relocate child to Europe.  The child had lived abroad for nearly three years and the Parental Responsibilities Evaluator even recommended that the child remain there.


  • In an eight-year battle, involving two separate appeals, RMFL obtained a final order that child should live permanently with father even though the child had lived for more than five years with his mother in another state.  Order was based on extensive testimony of expert witness (PRE) and evidence that the opposing party had systematically alienated the child from the father.   Father was an active-duty member of the armed services.

Sexual Abuse

  • Obtained permanent order preventing any unsupervised contact by father suspected of sexually abusing the child until he submitted to a full psycho-sexual evaluation.  Order entered despite a lack of physical evidence of abuse and despite finding by the county human services that the allegations against the father were “unfounded.”

Property Division

  • RMFL obtained award for one half of business interest valued at well over $1,000,000 despite relatively short-lived marriage. Client eventually received lump-sum payment of the full amount owed years before it was due.
  • RMFL obtained permanent order allowing client to maintain virtually his entire interest in a long-standing and successful medical practice.
  • Obtained settlement in divorce case allowing client to retain 100% of retirement plan (marital property) despite a long-term marriage. Opposing party also received no offsetting assets. Both parties waived maintenance.


  • Successfully opposed requests for temporary and permanent maintenance in high net-worth case based by showing that opposing party had deliberately failed to find suitable employment. Actual maintenance awarded was approximately 50% less than the amount demanded and will decline rapidly over several years.
  • Settled maintenance case involving arrears in excess of $30,000 for a small fraction of the balance.
  • Successfully negotiated many dozens of contested maintenance cases on terms fair to both parties, and obtained final court approval of all terms.

Attorneys’ Fees

  • Obtained order denying the opposing party’s request for approximately $35,000 in attorneys’ fees based, in part, on back-dated promissory notes drafted by paralegal of opposing counsel.
  • Obtained five-figure attorneys’ fees award against opposing party in connection with client’s motion to modify maintenance based, in part, on opposing party’s bad faith.
  • Successfully opposed motion by opposing party for over $250,000 in attorneys’ fees. Actual award was less than half of the fees requested.
  • Defeated motion for approximately $125,000 in attorney’s fees and costs.  Final award was for less than $10,000.

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