Top 10 Colorado Family Lawyer for Client Satisfaction

The Denver Family Lawyers take pride in exceeding each client’s expectations.   Here are some testimonials from actual clients of our firm.  

“Bill is great and very personable. I interviewed three attorneys prior to hiring Bill, and I connected with Bill far more than any other. I like that Bill not only knows the laws inside and out so we could brainstorm various approaches, he also knows the practical application of the law in Colorado so we can think through potential outcomes. I also like that Bill listens and never pushed an agenda or outcome, he wanted to do what was in my heart and what I thought was best for me. 

While Bill has a solid background in the courtroom, he was able to help me mediate to resolve the issues as cost effectively and peacefully as possible, despite the challenging nature of divorce cases with children involved. He really helped me meet my goals by keeping this out of court. 

I highly recommend Bill. He’s a good guy, knows what he is doing, is honest, and was very fair with costs.” 

-Jeff H.  


“I had a very unusual case in a child support matter and I had interviewed several attorneys with responses that included ‘I can’t help you, We can help but it will be time consuming and costly, and How could that happen? . . . .   After retaining Bill my 30 year very stressful battle was over in 3 months.”

-Tim Kruse


“My wife and I are very happy with the outcome of our case that Bill Thode handled for us . . . . Our children are coming home.”

-Brad & Ketira Merrifield


“I am very pleased at Bill’s professionalism, kindness and compassion. He worked very diligently in a case of my grandchildren and the return of custody to their parents. My grandchildren and their parents are extremely happy, as I am. Thank you.”

-Nancy Nash


“The most important element of your representation was excellent counselling. In a world where people no longer genuinely care, I felt you cared about my case. You got me the results I requested, always!”

-Niel Rubano


“I recently retained Bill as a family attorney to represent me on various issues . . . . I was most impressed with his obvious compassion for my situation and his willingness to assist me in overturning court rulings that were in violation of my rights. His knowledge of case law and personal attention to my situation are second to none and he made me feel like he was personally invested in my struggle. . . . I would strongly recommend his services to anyone needing a family law attorney.”

-Jeff Stewart


I did a search on the Internet and found Mr. Thode. I checked his background and saw that he attended GWU in the Washington, D.C. area. I believe this to be a very reputable institution and felt that taking a chance with Mr. Thode was worth it. I am so glad I did! 

I’m no attorney but I would say that Mr. Thode’s knowledge of the law is exceptional. . . . I must say that Mr. Thode was always focused on getting things resolved.  Mr. Thode kept me grounded and made sure I kept things in perspective. I know his job wasn’t easy having to deal with the opposing counsel, as I’ve had to do just that! I am confident that he used every available option and had I not sought his help, I’d still be involved in that nightmare!

I feel that Mr. Thode thoroughly listened to me and acted, as I wanted.  . . . . The results were long overdue and it was such a relief when it was over. It was a costly ordeal prior to Mr. Thode’s help and I am certain it would have been much worse without his diligence, determination, dependability, and aggressiveness.

“Mr. Thode’s fees were very reasonable and I would highly recommend him to anyone needing an attorney. I am certain Mr. Thode helped me to reclaim years of my life that this ordeal would have ultimately cost me!”

-Aubrey M., VA

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